Cloud based Number Plate Recognition Comprehensive backend ANPR solution


Our business is vehicle recognition.

So if your business needs to track, monitor, control or analyse vehicles locally, nationally or internationally, then tell us about it.  Our robust and secure backend allows centralised in-depth analysis, vehicle number plate, make, model and colour recognition and complex conditional work flows for automatic device operation and data sharing.  Quite simply, our business is built around providing your business with the LPR solution it needs.

Buy a complete ANPR solution …

Cloud based ANPR backend
24/7 dual lens POE cameras
Infrared LED illuminators
Optional I/O controllers
Multiple WAN connectivity options

direct or reseller sales

Major European specialist manufacturers
Camera recommendations per project
Preconfigured hardware

… with all these features …

Unlimited cameras and access points
Centralised monitoring of multiple sites
Device control and alerting
Time based vehicle access lists
Shared and individual blacklists
Unlimited secure encrypted image storage
APIs software integration

Camera and server status monitoring

Flexible vehicle and traffic reporting
Worldwide number plate support

… plus the Advantages of the Cloud.

No hardware or software maintenance
Shared cost-effective technology
Low upfront capital expenditure

Continually evolving software

Accessible from anywhere

Fault tolerant architecture
Endless scalability

Environmentally friendly

Data security

Nightime get

A complete ANPR solution


By using the shared processing power of cloud computing, ANPRonline.Net™ can offer a top of the range plug and play hardware and software solution for number plate recognition for a very affordable price.

Our systems include the most proven recognition engines and most reliable and innovative high-resolution IP cameras, infrared lighting and communications equipment on the market.

*Internet connectivity can be via 3G/4G SIM plan, LAN or WiFi

Trailer shot


Day and night recognitions at speed

Access control by vehicle, date and time

Black lists – Local and shared

Alerts by sound, signage, notifications,
email, SMS or TCP/IP

Extensive reporting and event searching

Available places and vehicles onsite tracking

Electronic device control of gates, lighting, alarms,
signage and cameras

Intuitive web interface 

Multiple image storage and video playback

Graph - traffic


Parking access control, abuse and charging

Staff and visitor access control over multiple sites

Apartment buildings, hotels and gated communities

Valet parking damage monitoring

Tolls, road usage, weigh bridges or congestion charges

Traffic monitoring and management

Monitoring of fleets, car yards and rentals

Delivery tracking (depot loading or unloading)

Permit replacement (national parks, car parks, disabled)

Customer recognition

Vehicle checking (road worthiness, stolen, unpaid fines)


Need an in-house solution?


If the situation dictates an onsite solution – you can benefit from the exactly the same system functionality in a standalone ANPR server installed on your local LAN or WLAN.

ANPRonsite.Net™ is delivered as a standalone server preconfigured for your network and ANPR cameras.

Sizes vary from full dual load balanced rack mounted servers down to complete systems embedded in the camera itself.

One upfront cost – no ongoing financial commitments.

Ideal for low bandwidth and high volume uses.

Enquire now.



API Interface – JSON 


Send an image and receive the extracted plate data back.

Ideal for third party applications and mobile apps.


API Application interface – JSON


Access all your data in our database to interface seamlessly with your own systems.


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